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Summer Party

Finally, there is time to breathe and blog…

Louise graduated from high school yesterday, and two weeks from now is her graduation party. We waited so long because friends were having parties this weekend, the 4th of July is next weekend, and the next available weekend is after that. So, how do I plan food for my vegan daughter and her friends, my husband’s customers and a few of my work compatriots? Carefully, that’s how. It is really difficult to plan for “regular” teens and adults using vegan options. My husband wanted burgers and dogs, but we settled on German wurst and boneless chicken thighs masquerading as boneless Buffalo wings. Easy oven food that can be prepared and frozen. Juggling vegan and omnivore yet again…

Because it’s summer, we also have the bounty of the vegetable harvest to help us. Here’s my menu so far (I am anticipating around 25 people).

Vegan food

  • crudites with sun dried tomato pesto or hummus
  • vegan chard pie with Daiya cheese
  • lasagna with zucchini, spinach and bell peppers
  • gazpacho
  • penne with basil pesto
  • smoked tofu and tomato/caper bruschetta
  • chickpea and cucumber salad
  • corn on the cob with compound “butter”
  • cocktail hash (the original chex party mix)
  • BBQ pecans


Non-Vegan Food

  • wurst and sauerkraut (with Granny Smith apples). Wurst from Oscar’s smokehouse in Warrensburg, NY
  • Turkish cucumber soup
  • sliced tomatoes with mozzarella
  • boneless buffalo wings
  • shrimp and bacon


Sweets, etc.

  • Morning Glory muffins with vegan cream cheese frosting
  • watermelon
  • coffee/tea
  • beer/soda/seltzer
  • Red Zinger sun tea

Yes, I know I am overplanning, but it will be delicious and there will be leftovers that can be worked into all sorts of wonderful things. Check this blog the week after the party to see how I repurpose food.

In the mean time, have a fabulous summer, go for FRESH, and make sure to use your sunblock…

* * * * *


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