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Meet Cocoa

Meet Cocoa. She is a 2 year old spayed female cat with all her shots who needs a home. She is a free spirit, loves to climb and has her claws. She has only been an indoor cat until now, but I can’t see any reason why she couldn’t become an indoor/outdoor cat. She loves to play hunt (especially hunting ankles of owners carrying cat food cans).

Her mother (my sister) is getting married in July and moving to a house with a big, kitty-munching dog, so Cocoa needs a new home FAST. All the shelters in the area have said they won’t take her.

If you have space in your home and your heart, please send me an EMail ASAP. She’s currently located in Westchester County, NY, but is willing to travel if you are.

She comes with cat carrier, litter pan, water dispenser, food bowls and whatever food is left.

PLEASE consider making room for Cocoa. Thanks!!!


P.S. Did I mention she loves to climb??? She’d be fine outdoors after some conditioning.





Comments on: "Meet Cocoa" (2)

  1. P.S. She’s free, by the way.

  2. wow, what a cutie!!! I love the Christmas pictures. My cat does that too! Oh, wait, that IS my cat! 🙂

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