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Call me organized; call me crazy. This morning I sat down and wrote out a rough menu for Thanksgiving. It is mostly vegan, with one small piece of turkey for my husband.

Here’s the preliminary menu for Thanksgiving:

Maple roasted turkey breast



Maple roasted seitan



creamy vegetable soup (vegetable to be determined)



picture it with spinach...

spinach, orange & red cabbage salad





mashed potatoes & carrots




roasted butternut squash



roasted, balsamic-glazed brussel sprouts



corn, lima and red pepper succotash



groovy onion gravy



vegan pumpkin cheesecake




When I was growing up, the Thanksgiving menu never changed. Turkey, bread stuffing, pan gravy, cranberry sauce, some sort of vegetable in Campbell’s soup sauce. The thought of eating so heavily now that I’m older is repugnant to me, so every year I try new recipes in the hope of creating new traditions that I can pass on to my daughter. I hope this menu is a step in that direction.

Wishing you all a compassionate Thanksgiving. Be kind to one another.

* * * * *


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