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It’s been 3 long weeks since I posted anything. A busy 3 weeks, to be sure. Today is Thanksgiving and I am incredibly thankful, but not exclusively for the usual things. My gratitude list is a little odd, but it is mine just the same. I like to think of myself as a “glass half full” kind of person. Actually, I like to think of myself as a “glass totally full if you factor in the air” kind of person.

So, here are some things I am thankful for this year…

I am thankful for my mother’s cancer. I am not glad that she is dying, but the cancer gave me the time to get right with the fact that she will not be on this earth much longer. I am now celebrating her life, and what a beautiful life it has been.

I am thankful that my feet and knees and back ache. This means that I am working to get my body in shape, and being forced to confront 20 years of sloth and bad living. Moving forward, always moving forward.

I am thankful that my coworker is finally taking care of herself. It is giving me the chance to get to know our students better and is giving her the chance to recharge her batteries so she can come back to work better than ever.

I am thankful that our cat Buster was in our lives for 14 good years. Even though a tragic accident took him from us recently, he was, and remains, a joy in our lives. He even comes to visit sometimes.

I am thankful that so many Republican debates are being televised. It’s about time some of these whack jobs were exposed.

I am thankful that my house is cluttered. It means I have enough to use and enough to share.

(F-bomb alert!) I am thankful for the Occupy movement. It is bringing to the front of people’s consciousness that gross inequality and greed are not good things. It is also highlighting that our “representative” government does not really represent most of us. It represents corporations and the wealthy more than you and I. (Seriously, pizza was just classified a vegetable because the tomato companies wanted it so. That’s obscene, but I am grateful for it because it highlights the insanity of the corporate/government clusterfuck. Thank you Congress, ConAgra and Schwan for giving our children the shaft.)

Of course, I am grateful for the standard things – my home, my family, my friends, my job, the presence of the US military forces around the world, the food in my fridge, the shoes on my feet. But in this somewhat unusual and volatile  period in world history, I am grateful for the weird stuff, too.

Wishing you and your families a healthy and sane holiday season. Remember, presents don’t matter, feasts don’t matter. Having your loved ones around you and making peace with the not-so-loved ones is more important. In the end, Love is what really matters.

Be well, be compassionate, be kind.


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Comments on: "On Being Thankful" (1)

  1. Lynne Bondi said:

    Very nice Coleen!!!!!! I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving!

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