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Greetings, E-land! I have decided to start a blog to share the balancing act of my life.

I am a 52 year old who works 6 days a week. 5 days are in Middle School Special Ed with some incredibly passionate teachers and some incredibly needy students, followed by a few hours at an after school program with K-6 students. The other one is as a library clerk. My passions are my family, cooking, reading, my students and the exploration of spiritual matters.

Since my daughter is a vegan and my ex-husband an omnivore, and since, during my marriage, I refused to cook two dinners every night, I will share with you how I balanced the two, and include recipes for you to try.



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  1. Richard Lovell said:

    Check out our WWII LCI in Portland OR. We just had SOS (pics included)
    facebook.com/LCI713. I spent 22 years in the Navy and also had creamed hardboiled eggs with corned beef hash, navy beans and cornbread for breakfast on the Heavy Cruisers I was on. I survived and still like the sos. NOT the sis (stuffed bell peppers)-shit in a seabag.

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